Our best Hougue walk ever and the Hunters arrive!

With Esme and Dick due to arrive at the weekend we spent the week sorting the house and I embarked on another cushion with a tabby cat design.  Although I have a good selection of fabric remnants Anne was able to give me some swatches of tweed and cord which are perfect for the design.  Consequently I will be making two cushions, one for Anne.

We had some stunning crisp sunny days and one morning we took ourselves around the seawall route that takes us round La Hougue tower.  It was possibly the best turn round La Hougue that we have ever done.  With bright sun and clear seas we set a good pace to get the blood singing.

Come Saturday the Hunters arrived, a bit later than planned, having skipped the early morning crossing in favour of a more leisurely start.  They stayed till Tuesday during which we regaled them with our house Pot au Feu, and a poached Bass with Dick’s super rich Hollandaise sauce.  We ate oysters and prawns, drank wine and debated topics of the day at the table.  We variously read and slept, punctuating our days with a bit of shopping and short walks.  At the end of their stay we had all had a relaxing time and rather self-indulgent time.  And why not?


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