Every year at Halloween time Abbotsbury Sub-tropical Gardens floodlight the gardens for a period of about two weeks and put on three Halloween Fright Nights when witches lurk in the shrubbery or stir their cauldrons in the huts, and pumpkins glow along the paths.  During the second week Nick and I took Mum to the gardens for supper and a wheely ride round the gardens.  It is wonderful that the addition of coloured lighting placed strategically below statuesque trees,  beneath under-storey shrubs, around water bodies and along bamboo walkways can transform the night-time gardenscape into a magical fairyland.

Earlier in the day Nick and I lunched with friends who were spending a week in Dorset.  We met at Moonfleet Manor Hotel and afterwards we strolled along the landward side of the Fleet towards East Fleet.  It was just a brief leg-stretch but blew away a few cobwebs and afterwards we drove to Wyke to pick up Mum for her outing.  We left Pam and co at Moonfleet and met them later on at the gardens.

We were glad to walk the gardens when we did; subsequently a stormy event on 28th October caused the gardens to close temporarily, presumably whilst wind damage was dealt with.  Let’s hope none of the old trees suffered for they are the backbone of the gardens which were started in 1765.


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