Of Portesham and Parasols

On Oct 12 it was our turn to lead the Winterborne Walkers on their monthly ramble, on the day of our 45th wedding anniversary.  We had chosen a roughly figure of 8 walk around Portesham and the Hardy Monument.  Despite torrential rain the day before, and a bit on the morning we accomplished this walk in the dry and it was deemed a success.  I think the excellent lunch we enjoyed in the Kings Arms helped.

Descending the final hill down to Portesham Nick spied some field mushrooms nestling in isolated clumps of slightly higher turf than the rest of the sward.  He gathered these, enough for a helping on toast.  Earlier in the week, on a return journey from Poole, he had spotted some parasols growing beneath trees along the verge which bounds Wareham Forest.  These mushrooms are particularly tasty and found their way into a risotto.

Katharine was staying with us this weekend.  She comes to Dorset to visit her grandmother and I also think she likes to escape from London.  On Saturday night we went round to the Greyhound for supper and a family lunch was scheduled at Katie’s for Sunday.  During her visit we tempted Kat to try the waterbed, this proving to be a great success.  Another guest has been won over.

During the ensuing week Nick and I fulfilled various appointments and on Saturday drove to the Natural History Museum in London for the annual all-day Council meeting of the Conchological Society.  This was my first council meeting for some months and it was good to meet up with fellow officers and get back into the swing of things.  I am very glad to re-involve myself with matters relating to marine shells, their identification and recording………… and very content to give all matters electronic a wide berth.   Afterwards we drove across to Hackney to visit Lola, Ruby, their parents and our beloved Rooney.  We spent a very happy evening with them, enjoyed a delicious roast chicken supper and drove home later, arriving at WK at 1.15 a.m. after such a satisfying day.


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