Une Semaine en France

We arrived to find the raspberries in full production mode.  In our absence Christine had been picking them, also the figs which were largely over by the time we arrived.  She has discovered a new pleasure in jam-making and she presented us with pots of both raspberry and fig jam.  The latter is absolutely delicious and a lovely deep red colour.  The grapes on the vine, which has fruited its best ever this year, were still unripe and remained so when we left.  Christine is going to try making conserves with them.

On the evening of our arrival we squeezed an evening of Spite and Malice in with the Tuttles.  I had offered to dig out the frozen ready-made curries sitting in France for just such an occasion and Claire and Ty brought other gastronomic delights.  Over some toothsome savouries we gave an account of our week in Paris staying at their apartment then we tucked into curry.  Much as we all enjoy S&M we have decided to branch out a little and try our hands at Canasta in the future.

Whilst in France I was able to catch up with some entertaining.  This gave me much pleasure as I now find the whole business less stressful, mainly by restricting myself to menus that do not require a lot of time and attention at the last minute.  We ate at the Tomahawk restaurant with the Poulets and Tatanne on Saturday then on Sunday Brigitte and Georgy came to eat my spicy mango chicken dish.

On Tuesday Anne, Brigitte and I made an excursion to Caen where we shopped the wonderful network of boutiques in the centre, ate Sushi lunch on the square with Tatanne and Lucas, then finished at Ikea.  A great day, if tiring, with my lovely duo of French friends.

Our final entertaining fixture was with Daniel and Christine where I cooked a Pot au Feu, in my slow cooker, and which was pronounced a success.  Another stress-free dish.  The meat course was preceded by some locally-caught prawns; Daniel nets them from the harbour walls at dead of night.

All too soon for Nick we were closing up the house, loading the car and heading back for Dorset.  We had an important fixture for the weekend.


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