The Adventures of Bertie the Piglet

Chapter 1….. Bertie lands on his trotters!

Bertie is a very special piglet.  From his early days it seemed likely that he would grow up to have a life that would be very different from that of most other pigs.  A few days after he was born his mother accidentally rolled on him when he was drinking her milk with his brothers and sisters.  He became poorly, could not feed well and lagged behind his siblings.  For a while it looked as if he might not live.  But Cousin Elisabeth who was working on the farm came to his rescue.  After Bertie’s accident she sat up with him all night, and did everything she could to make him better.  Once he was out of danger Elisabeth hand-reared him and he thrived – although he did not grow as fast as his siblings and probably, he would always be a small pig.  Eventually, as is the way if you are born a pig, the time came for his brothers to go to market, but Bertie was too small.  What would happen to him?  By now Elisabeth had taught Bertie to walk to halter and he was becoming quite tame.  Aunty Madeleine went to see Elisabeth at the farm one day and she fell in love with Bertie, so they hatched a plan.  Bertie would become a house pet!


They took him back to his new home at The Old Schoolhouse where he joined two dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, and one little owl.  From the moment he settled into his new home Bertie started to spread his magic.  Everyone, or nearly everyone who met him, thought he was so friendly and cute.  Look at his picture – what do you think?

Bertie2 Bertie4

Bertie is 9 weeks old now and has learnt to be clean in the house although when he gets excited he sometimes has a weeing accident!  He gets up from his straw bed in the shed in the morning at 9 a.m. and he goes to bed at 7 in the evening.  He spends time snuffling round the garden rooting around for food, and he has little rests in the house.  For breakfast he slurps his way through a bowl of porridge and makes satisfied little grunting noises.  He loves apples, figs and particularly raisins.  He trots around the house on his dainty little trotters, like a lady teetering around in high heels.  Many of Aunty Madeleine’s friends and family have come to the house to meet him.

No-one knows how big Bertie will grow but his future will take care of itself.  For the time being he is a very contented little pig.


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