The Perrymans come to Stay

Teddy and his parents came to France to spend two weeks in Normandy.  This, for them, was a long shot; they are real sun bums and, like the climate across the Channel, a French summer on the north coast is an unpredictable beast.  In the end the weather was superb, the holiday in St Vaast was pronounced the best ever stay they have had in France, they felt it could not have been bettered if they had crossed the pond to spend their hols in the Caribbean!  Many of the days were spent at the beach at Jonville, on the beach on the river side of the headland at Pointe de Saire.  They latched onto the inflatable boat which has been languishing in the garage with very little use.  Teddy became very proficient at rowing.  During their stay, at the beginning and the end of their fortnight I enjoyed pleasant swims from the beach at high tide.  Nick took the family out fishing and they brought mackerel which was eaten grilled or smoked.  In the middle of their stay at the house Nick and I took a train to Paris and stayed for six days at the apartment of our friends who live opposite us in rue Marechal Foch.  The post to follow this one will feature our trip.

When we returned we spent the last few days with the Perrymans then waved them off, leaving us a few days to clean the house and shut it down.  On Saturday evening we had a supper party to which the Poulets, the Tailles and the Lerminez came.  Francois had offered to cook cote de boeuf on our BBQ, a handsome offer which resulted in a happy evening which everyone enjoyed.

This was a nice finale to our summer in St Vaast: it is  highly likely that autumn will have kicked in when we return in a few weeks’ time.


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