A Brief Interlude with Katie and family

At the end of July we crossed to France to join my niece Katie and her family at our house in St Vaast.  They were on the tail end of their holiday and we were going to spend 3 days with them before their return to Dorset.  During that time Nick took the boys mackerel fishing and on their last evening, it being Katie’s birthday, she and Martin went out to supper whilst we looked after the boys.  They were as good as gold.

After they left we readied the house for the Perryman arrival later in August.  We enjoyed a game of Spite and Malice with the Tuttles and were entertained by Daniel and Christine one evening at which all 4 of the lifeboat skippers were present.  Respect!!!  At the end of the evening we walked down to the quay to watch a firework display.  We then flitted back to the UK for the usual round of regular appointments.  Our stay in WK coincided with the Village Show, for which event I entered some chutney and my pearl-button cushion.  It is a fairly low key affair with not many entries for most categories.  Thus getting 2nd out of 2 entries for the chutney and 2nd out of 3 for the cushion is something of a hollow triumph!!  Still, it was an opportunity to participate in village activities and the concert we attended in the village church on the Saturday evening was a delightful interlude of Elizabethan and Jacobean music peformed by Pantagruel.  It was the first occasion I had stepped inside the church since we moved here in September 2010 and a worthy debut.


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