Marsh Orchid Encounters

Nick and I took a late afternoon walk the other day.  Driving out of Bere Regis we took the Poole road and turned down Sugar Hill which goes to Wareham.  A short distance along we pulled into an unmarked parking area where tracks into the Wareham Forest lead northeast and southwest.  The southwest route is a ride and as we walked along there was much evidence of logging of the pines, with wood piles of some maturity still stacked by the trackway.  We noticed a long trail of wood ants scurrying in both directions along the side of the ride and found a nest soon enough.  Not long after Nick noticed an orchid and the rest of our walk as far as the pylons was a delight as we found many plants, several well past their best, but enough bearing flowerheads to capture their beauty.  Walking back to the car we noticed many plants on the same side as the ant trail, that we had failed to notice on the outward journey.  The orchids are Marsh Orchids, Dactylorhiza incarnata, probably a mix of the Early and Southern subspecies.


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