Double Birthday – and some more Jenga

A week after the Light Jamboree in Hackney, the clan reconvened in Godalming to celebrate the 6th and 7th birthdays of Ted and Charlie. The day was blessed yet again with fine weather and we spent the afternoon on the lawn half way up the hillside garden where plenty of comfortable garden furniture had been arranged. The large Jenga set having proved to be such a success in Hackney, Nick and I gave it a second outing. The game has the virtue of appealing to all ages, and young children are not hampered by their lack of years in finding the skill to identify the key block that requires to be moved at each stage. When you find it, you can slide it out easily with care. A quick search on the web tells me why Jenga works. Despite appearances, in Jenga, no two wooden blocks are cut to exactly the same dimensions, which means that the blocks rest on each other unevenly. One of the main tricks of Jenga is locating the “loose” pieces, which are easier to remove without disturbing the integrity of the tower. If a piece is loose, then you know it can’t be load-bearing.

We enjoyed a delicious and authentic South African Brai with accompanying salads from Charlotte’s special cookbook. A chocolate Dinosaur cake and Joel’s fabulous Chocolate Torte followed. We ate, drank and were merry – as birthdays deserve.


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