Patchwork: Stitchery and other Activities

French time is a patchwork of activities.  I’ve brought over a meli-melo of fabrics, useful lengths and various remnants of stuff to experiment with.  I’ve seen some fetching cushions on the net, the designs are achieved by a combination of patchwork and applique.  I make a moth cushion, and a pheasant one.   I will need a top up of material pieces to complete the third design (I think the nicest by far) and sister Liz will be able to help out there.

Shopping expeditions with Anne and Brigitte allow me to familiarise myself with Cherbourg town centre.  I buy some trousers, a matching jumper and shoes.  Several pairs of shoes for the spring and summer.  Brigitte persuades me to allow her to give me a manicure, a treat in the comfort of my own home.  Anne and I enjoy trips to the Cinema, we see Les Gamins, La Religieuse, Le Temps de l’Aventure, Mud.

Ten of us eat chez Roux on a Saturday evening.  A week later I roast the two legs of lamb I brought over at Easter for the same assembled.  At the end of our stay Francois and Anne depart for their two weeks in the Norwegian fjords, aboard La Fleur de Lampaul.  A few days later we board our ferry bound for England.


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