Visitors from Dorset

In the week after the family left France  whilst Nick beavered in the garden, I spent some time with Brigitte and Anne.  We went to the gym and we shopped in Cherbourg together, and Anne and I saw two films at the Cinema Richelieu, our gem of a cinema a few minutes’ drive away, with the most comfortable seats imaginable.  They really are like armchairs.  The week culminated in a supper party chez Poulet for Francois’ 61st birthday. 

A few days later we received Paul and Viv for a short stay.  This fixture was long overdue but such is the nature of our busy lives that we had not managed to find a convergingly convenient time slot.  Whilst they stayed with us we walked some of our local terrain, drove across to the west coast to lunch with a former skipper friend of Nick’s after which drove up the west Cotentin.   Nick and Paul took a fishing trip during which they made a good catch of pollack.  That afternoon Viv and I undertook a Treasure Hunt during an open day at the Hougue fort.  We completed the course with full marks.  And that evening, Francois and Anne joined us for supper; we ate fish pie and enjoyed some good French conversation. 

The four of us travelled back to the UK.  The Conchological Society AGM required Nick’s input as Treasurer whilst I chose to stay in Winterborne K, having supper with Maddy and Andrew on Friday night, using Saturday to shop for some fabric remnants for a cushion project, and some plants from Homebase.

On Sunday I worked the low-walled garden which runs along both sides of the garage at the front.  At the end of the afternoon I had cut back bramble and ivy which was clogging the hedge, had cleared weeds and surplus plants and had translocated foxglove plants from pots and the back garden, to the shadiest corner of the garage bed.  Earlier I phoned my neighbour Brian,  to whom I have promised some plants including surplus Aquilegia and perennial Linaria plants.  He came round and we agreed that I would contact him again when we get back from France after our impending spell over there.  Having packed a lot into our long weekend in WK we sailed back to Cherbourg for the remainder of our April – May stint.


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