Reconnecting in Dorset

Within 24 hours of our return to WK, we had supper with Maddy and Andrew. We had missed them whilst we were away. We ate a delicious lasagne made by Elisabeth and finished up the various chocolate brownies and crunches that Rollo and Terry brought to St Vaast. Later that night and into the morning it snowed and we woke on Friday morning to a fresh blanket of snow. We fared well in Dorset for no further snow fell and after a few days it started to melt. During the snowy days we were visited by a large cock pheasant who settled into regular visits once he discovered he would be fed.

After our supper with the Dukes we made trips to the cinema on three consecutive evenings. We saw Quartet, Les Miserables and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I had already seen the latter film but it was showing at the Athelhampton Cinema and Nick was keen to see it too. These wintry days are perfect cinema weather.

A quick midweek-overnighter in Godalming saw my teeth and hair sorted. The latter appointment was a blessing as Dorset hairdressers have struggled to understand my requirements, or in one case, think they know what I would like better than I do. At the end of the week I went to visit Mum after a lengthy absence. It is a blessing that she does not feel the passage of time. We sat and looked at photos on my iPad, played a few games and she enjoyed looking at the Facebook pages of some family members.

Celia and I went over to Rollo’s to celebrate her birthday. We all prepared something for our lunch which we ate in leisurely fashion. Afterwards we drank wine and compared notes on teeth and hair……………

After a year’s absence from meetings, Nick and I drove to the Natural History Museum in Cromwell Road on the last Saturday in January to attend the first indoor meeting of the Conchological Society in 2013. I took up some shells to exhibit and spent the day looking at other exhibits and catching up with the fraternity. The speaker failed to show, having found the weather conditions in northern England somewhat daunting. Nevertheless there was never a lull moment and I left at the end of the afternoon with a list of tasks and follow-up items to get my conchological year rolling. As I left the museum I was much taken with the frontage which is illuminated by divine blue lighting. London can be rightly proud of this institution for which admission is free.


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