And now for Something different……..

After a quiet Boxing Day we switched tempo the following evening, and joined a group of English friends who had rented a house in nearby Montfarville for the Christmas week.  We had been invited to a Murder Mystery evening, having been given persona to guide our dress for the evening.  Nick’s character, an Irish journalist, was a minor player and as he was below par, needed very little to dress his part.  I had been assigned the part of Cherie Boot, a 20-year old French nightclub singer which was something of a challenge.  She was described as an androgenous character for which a black tie costume would have been ideal, and given more notice I would have been able to pull this together in Dorset to bring over.  With a black top and my wide, full-length, rust-brown linen culottes (bought in Split on a sailing trip in Croatia), and my newly short hair smoothed flat I felt it was a noble try.

During the course of the evening we ate an excellent dinner interspersed with dialogue for which each of us had our own prompt booklet.  Periodically we would adjourn upstairs to listen to a DVD where a narrator summed up the plot so far, and prepared us for the next exchange.

No-one guessed the murderer although one of us got closed.  As it turned out my character played a key part, but not wishing to drop a spoiler I will say that an enjoyable time was had by all, young and not so young alike.


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