Esme comes to Stay

Before we board our ferry we have a last minute hiccup with the door lock of the car in which we  intend to travel.  Out of the blue, on our morning of departure, the car doors start locking and unlocking spontaneously, whilst the car is in motion.  We think we can sort this out in due course, but unfortunately when I make a last trip up the road to return a library book, I hop out of the car to post the book, leaving the keys in the ignition (and my own set in my handbag in the car) and as I walk back towards the car I hear an ominous click 😦  With an hour or so to go before we must leave for the ferry the only course of action that Nick thinks practical is to break the driver’s window with a hammer.

So we get to Portsmouth in time and enjoy a pleasant 5-hour crossing.  It is very late when we reach St V and unload the car of all its goods, lingering only to put necessaries into the fridge and freezer.  Daniel has warmed the house for us and we fall gratefully into our bed.

We have a day and a half to open up the house, shop for provisions and make up beds in readiness for the arrival of Esme and her other half.  These are good friends from Godalming who have found a window to come and renew their long-standing acquaintance with St Vaast and pass a few days relaxing with us.  During their visit Esme and I make a walk around the Hougue and we fit in a day shopping in Cherbourg.  On their last evening they treated us to a meal at Au Moyne de Saire where, as often in local restaurants, I was amused to notice some idiosyncratic and charming English translations for the dishes on the menu.  Thus ‘Foie gras de Canard et la poire et sa gourmandise au chocolat’ translates to ‘Duck foie gras with the pear and its chocolate greed’ 🙂

On their last morning there was the usual last minute round up of French specialities from Gosselin, a hasty brunch and a load up of their car.  Nick and I went to buy him 3 pairs of trousers (he having discovered the previous evening that he had left all his strides in Dorset) and in the melee of departure the carrier bag containing the new garments found its way into the Hunter car, destined for England!  We eagerly await their return in the next few days.


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