All Over the Place

A week or so after our return from Venice we travelled to Hackney to visit Rooney in his new establishment. We found a contented cat who eventually deigned to come and sit on my lap in the evening. Initially he was reserved – perhaps he thought we had come to take him away in the car. It makes me very happy to know that the addition of Rooney to the Light household has been successful for all five parties.

A few days later saw us crossing the Channel to spend half term in St Vaast. The Perrymans had booked themselves in for a 5 day trip. We spent one day touring some of the Sites de Debarquement including the museum at St Mere Eglise where we also viewed the parachutist who still hangs from the church roof there.

Ted, Charlotte and I spent an interval of rockpooling at Le Dranguet when the tide went out. This spot is perfect for delivering on some of the strange marine invertebrate body forms that populate the intertidal. With no difficulty I found sea urchins, sea anemones, cushionstars, crabs, fish, squat lobsters, snails, clams……… Most fun was had from a demonstration of sea squirt behaviour. One small, cautiously placed finger could press gently and produce a fine jet of water from the exhalant siphon 🙂

Two weeks later Lola and Ruby came to stay for a long weekend. Their parents had booked the cliff-top bolt hole at Prussia Cove. On Friday the girls were joined by Cerys, Chris and Mum and much craft-work was done around the kitchen table. On Saturday Nick and I led the village walk centred around Moonfleet Manor, whilst the Dukes played host to the girls. They were entertained painting scenery for the Maiden Newton pantomime, Alice in Wonderland, and making cakes. On Sunday Nick rang the bells for Remembrance Sunday and I walked the girls to the village memorial. Their parents returned in the evening and they all departed at 5 the next morning.

A week later …………. we drove to Godalming and viewed the Perrymans’ new kitchen and in the evening, dressed for a party, we drove to Heyshott to celebrate Eileen’s birthday. This was a wondrous dinner party for 14 with the most delicious array of canapes fashioned by the Hunter team. Lobster, crab, quail’s eggs, potted shrimp………. all served in fine crispy pastry cases, bite-size. We ate rib of beef and for dessert we had a choice of Guinness steamed pudding with Whiskey Sauce or a rich Chocolate torte. After dinner there was a round or two of bottle-walking, a demonstration of Irish dancing from Eileen, and some general dancing to the Travelling Wilburys at which point Anthea decided, it being 2.30a.m., that it was time to ferry us to our B&B.

The following morning Nick and I drove to Godalming; Nick helped Charlotte replace furniture and I scrabbled around the floor playing Dinosaurs with Ted. We ate roast chicken and then drove home.

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