Gardening Notes

We have just spent the best part of six days in Normandy and achieved all the objectives we had for this visit.  We gave a supper party for friends, we have unpacked the last of the boxes in the small study on the ground floor which will now function as a snug too.  Importantly we have tackled some of the garden jobs at the top of the list.

Nick has shaped the bay tree and other rampant shrubs have been cut back.  A space has been created with the removal of a very old Fuchsia.  We will transplant a Camellia which has been unhappy since we first planted it in an over-shaded site.

There has been some dead-heading and uprooting of ugly and spent flowers whilst some seedheads are left to continue to merge happily in their canopy. Late-flowering pleasers have been Cosmos, Schizostylus, Ceratostigma, yellow Clematis, the climbing Fuchsia ubiquitous in our town, blue and pink Salvia, PenstemonCobaea , Colchicum autumnale and even a third flowering one of our Delphinium.

But perhaps our most exciting specimen is the one leaf rosette of Ophrys apifera that Nick noticed whilst he mowed the lawn.  Despite careful searching we found no more and are not sure if this is the reshooting of an existing plant, or a seedling.

Before we leave I put the two potted Fuchsia, which I had bought for the pot stands either side of the double doors, out under the Horse Chestnuts in the front, and hope they will keep good until we return later this month.

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