Final frames from France

On Monday morning after breakfast Barney, Lukie and the gang packed up the car and the children took their seats.  We waved them off, they had had a good week with fine weather and many activities.  The children are lively and positively exude energy.  Nick and I spent the remaining time in St Vaast catching up with friends.  I joined Francois and Nick on a short run in Aroona to lift crab pots.  There were several brown crabs, four of which were large and full enough to cook.  Francois generously gave us these and Nick and I dressed them the following day.  That evening Daniel popped over the road with some pret-a-manger ‘moules a la creme’, left over from his supper with Christine.  (Creme fraiche finds its way into nearly everything Daniel cooks!)  He had collected these off one of the buoys when he took Christine for a spin in Aroona.

As it happened, on the evening before we returned to Dorset Anne proposed that we should eat together.  I made a risotto on which to serve the white crab meat and mixed a brown crab meat and creme fraiche dip/sauce.  We ate smoked mackerel and horseradish crostini to start, finishing with our Victoria plums.  Anne brought cheese, salad.  It was a perfect way for me to get back into hosting a meal chez nous.

A final batch of photos from our August 2012 sojourn in our newly restored house.

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