A La Plage

In addition to days spent foraging for cockles and other clams all four children spent a day at their regular beach, Anse du Hommet which is just north of St Vaast La Hougue and south of Barfleur. The family have this beach virtually to themselves. They set off with a picnic and spend a good part of the day there on Sunday. I joined them after lunch complete with book, a bottle of water and a bag of pistachio nuts. The children had spent a lot of time in the water: Sam and Joel are now quite confident swimmers, Amelie is not far behind and Charlie spends much time in the water with a flotation aid of one kind or another.

As the tide recedes at Anse du Hommet a band of sands is revealed and here the children constructed Sand City with various fortifications, moats and a canal which passed below a sand bridge at ‘ground’ level. The settlement even had its own Stone Henge. They did not have long to wait before the tide approached and gradually invaded the territory. It was fascinating and great fun to watch the moat fill up from below as the water table rose. In the end Stone Henge was the last structure standing.

We left the beach just before 4 so Sam and Joel could have a turn fishing with Nick. Sadly they returned to the house with an empty freezer box. Not a bite, but in view of the success of the younger team earlier in the week we could not complain.

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