First Fruits of a New Era

I think it would not be too grandiose to suggest that Nick and I are at the beginning of a new era.  Our French house has finally come through the mill and is ready to be re-ordered and occupied.  We crossed in windy conditions but slept on the Condor ferry after rising at 5 a.m.  We arrived at St V and unloaded the car, then set to work.  We moved the sofas back to their places beside the new wood-burning stove with its limestone fireplace.  Whilst I made up beds to await family arrivals, Nick replaced the curtain poles and curtains in the salon-sejour.  Bit by bit, bits of furniture were sited.  I cut flowers from the garden and filled two vases – a very pleasurable task.  We shared three fruits at lunch-time; the first off the fig, Victoria plum and peach trees.

During the next couple of days we will slowly dust off belongings and arrange them.  Nick is after a more restrained approach to surface-covering.  I’ll do my best.  I have a useful outlet for unwanted objects which makes decluttering less difficult.  Remaking our French home is a task to be savoured.


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