A Day to Remember

My cheeky monkey grandson Ted came to visit us this weekend.  He arrived with his mother and we went to  Monkey World near Wool.  (His father had something more pressing in his diary- he was lucky enough to have a front row seat at the Olympic Stadium where he watched Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah win their Golds.  He will join us on Sunday and BBQ Blesbok, Bison, Springbok and Elk sausages from our local farm shop).  Ted knows his way around Monkey World well now and has his clear favourites.  He loves the Chimpanzees and the Orang Utans (including some very young ones) and the Great Ape Area where he clambered around the structures with his mother.  Ted had pocket money to spend in the gift shop after which we drove the short run home.  Nick and Charlotte chilled out in the kitchen and I made a beef, carrot and dumpling casserole.  We all ate it in front of the telly.  We watched !!Extraordinary athletics!!.  It has been a Special Day.

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