Easter Bunnies and Rainbow Trout

We are beginning to wind our Inshriach days down.  Unfortunately some of us find our own personal mechanisms are waning too – a cold/virus which has been hanging around me during the week smites me down on Friday night and I keep to my bed on Saturday and much of Sunday.  Charlotte too is feeling rough; this is hard as the Perrymans must pack up and head for Aberdeen airport to catch their flight early Saturday afternoon.  Over the weekend all the adults start sneezing and feeling below par.

The Easter Egg hunt takes place on Good Friday.  It is a short-lived frenzy during which many eggs are retrieved from hiding places in the house.  They are piled onto a platter and then divvied up, together with three large chocolate rabbits.  Each family has its carrier bag stash to take home.  That evening Charlotte cooks a delicious three-course dinner, the last meal for the assembled before we begin to disperse.

Another last minute enterprise is trout-fishing.  Dan is delighted to indulge in a past pleasure and takes enough fish from the small lake below the house to provide Saturday night’s dinner.  Lucy and Walter are invited and I am so sorry to feel below par, and unable to join everyone at the long table in the hall.  Lanquishing in the four poster bed above them all, I hear the sounds of clacking cutlery and happy chatter.  The children all rise to the occasion.

On Sunday evening Dan, Barney, Lukie and the children join the ‘sleeping train’ at Aviemore.  On Easter Monday Nick and I slip away early for the long journey home.  Neither of us feels at all well, but we drive our way north to south and fall in our front door.  It will be a good few days before we both feel we have shaken ourselves free of the virus.

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