Kitchen Antics

Inshriach is a rattling big house but the kitchen is where it is at.  The children target this room in the morning, hoping to find, at no matter how early an hour, at least one adult in residence.  Breakfasts are a protracted affair, cereals followed by hot dishes cooked to order.  The breakfast session may last three hours.

The long table allows children to spread paper and pencils and jigsaws at one end whilst food preparation goes on at the other end.  Despite earlier intentions, adults tap into their keyboards intermittently. Dan downloads footage as he goes.  The children tinker competently with iPhones and iPads.

The arrival of Billy, school-friend of Dan, was an excuse to go Spanish.  He taught Sam how to make tortillas and he made us a heavenly Paella for supper.  A spontaneous jam session with some kitchen pans and lids produced some percussive accompaniment to spotified music.  The children learnt to dance YMCA and Radio Gaga.

Essentially, if you need to know what is happening, or where, or what’s next you just need to check in with the powers that be propping up the Aga.

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