Shock and Awe

Imagine our amazement when we awoke to an Arctic landscape on Tuesday morning.  Stealthily through the night that lovely white stuff that gives kids and grown-up kids so much pleasure cloaked our immediate environs and the mountains beyond.  Having slept in bedrooms with drawn curtains, the children’s jaws dropped when they trickled down into the kitchen and looked out of the windows.

This snow might mean some rescheduling for the movie short we will be filming this week.  However Dan is ever known for his ability to work with the conditions he finds, and the mercurial moods of children who may, or may not, feel like donning costumes to do his bidding.  It seems that Haribo is an ever ready encouragement to pull out the best performances!

Charlotte is pressed into service as make-up mistress by putting her cosmetics to a rather unconventional use.  With the addition of some talcum powder she transforms two of her nephews and one of her nieces into pallid lost souls!  Then it is off to the woods for a bit of shooting…………

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