Day 3…..

………… in this Big Rambling House and the housemates have agreed that all electronic devices should be banned from the kitchen table!  Accordingly the dining room which has hitherto never been used by us in previous years – the long refectory table in the galleried hall is much preferred for our big meals – is pressed into service.  You might think this would affect a skeleton subset of inmates (the adults) but every young member of the clan is well versed in the possibilities of iPhones, iPads and notebooks of various kinds to provide games, stories and drawing Apps.  Unfortunately we find that the flaky wireless signal does not work well across on the other side of the house.  We will work around this.

On Day 2 the Perrymans tipped up having flown from London to Aberdeen.  Charlie could hardly wait for Ted to arrive and since then they have been inseparable.  They share a bed with a pillow down the middle since one of them is a restless sleeper. It works well.  The children all get along very well too, breaking down into smaller groups who devise their own games.  Sometimes they just race around the house, which fortunately is built to sustain it.  As we sit in the kitchen we hear their joyous voices in the far reaches of the house and every now and then their brouhaha reaches a crescendo as they race past the kitchen door.  The house is also brilliant for hide and seek.

A quick rummage in my games cupboard at home before we left revealed an ancient set of Spillikins which is a great hit.  We are also playing Newmarket, noughts and crosses with Thomas the Tank Engine tokens and Dan teaches me and Sam how to play Texax Hold ‘Em Poker;)

As usual the ‘swede’ we expected to produce has been changed.  Despite the opportunities afforded by a journey north on the overnight sleeper, and Platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross Station, for a Harry Potter production…………. the boys decide that the promised sequel to last year’s Zombie production must be delivered.  As I sit at the kitchen table blogging up our doings Dan sits opposite working on the script and somehow we must weave the owl that Elisabeth specially made for us into the plot!  The embargo on electronic devices in the kitchen has been abandoned!

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