Christmas in Mauritius

After a year of dotting between WK and St V we felt like some winter sun.  So we opted off the festive merry-go-round and took ourselves to Mauritius for Christmas.  We were lucky to have a recommendation from Charles and Susie, who had visited the hotel a month or so earlier.  Our every need was catered for and I will remember the holiday for the warmth, the balmy breezes, the sunshine, the very equable lagoon sea and the variety of gastronomic delights offered in the main restaurant. I also read novels to my heart’s content on my new Kindle.

Each day we draped a pink towel over our chosen sunbed, and as the sea lapped gently close by we gazed out to the reef-line, marked by the crests of white surf breaking over it.  The reef marks the seaward edge of the relatively shallow lagoon around the island, before the seabed falls steeply away to deeper, clearer water.  Nick fished these deeper waters when he booked himself for fishing one day.  Outside the milky millpond waters of the lagoon Nick was surprised to find himself afloat amid 3-4 metre-high rolling waves.  The promise of marlin and sailfish did not materialise but he enjoyed being afloat and chatting to the boatman – another Nicolas..

But the holiday was not without its minor glitsches which were entirely self-inflicted: we each had to fend off a gastric upset and I managed to burn a bit of myself badly on the first day by failing to cover that area with Factor 50 and then taking an unscheduled nap under my shade whilst the sun crept round to find me underneath.

It was a holiday of luxury and self-indulgence but on Christmas Day I found myself a bit distracted, glancing intermittently at my watch which I had kept on British time, and wondering what our nearest and dearest would be doing back home.  This was only the second time in 40 years of marriage that we have taken ourselves away at Christmas.  On the first occasion we booked ourselves into a hotel in Padstow where we celebrated a Christmas which was orchestrated for us.  That felt a bit strange bit I guess we had to try it again to see how it would feel.  It still felt odd.

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