Winterval at Winterborne

Christmas came early for the Light Clan and extended family. We needed to find a day when we could all congregate for a seasonal celebration. The first Saturday in December found us converging at TOW for a late afternoon feast. I cooked Venison Casserole, Moroccan Chicken and a Lamb Curry. Thanks to a good crop of French strawberries I conjured up Eton mess and my sisters provided a Christmas pudding and Mince pies. Once again we pulled Christmas Crackers in the big hall, and we lined the children up the staircase in age order and captured the moment.

This year we were missing Sam and Joel who were otherwise engaged at their Harry Potter-themed Cub and Scout camp. Out under canvas! I was suitably impressed. I thought H&S had gone so mad children would not be allowed to camp outdoors in December. And Dan had a workshop to run in Luxembourg. But it was a full house all the same. The children all had a present to unwrap and the Lights exchanged their gifts before the children went to bed. It was a busy and tiring day for everyone but no less convivial for that. We’ll be doing our respective things come December 25th………….. and there is a rumour that TOW will be reinvaded on the 30th!

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