It’s that Half-Term of Year

Boarding the train at Waterloo on Saturday evening Nick and I were happy in the knowledge that we would be returning to a warm welcome from JACS, who had arrived at TOW during the afternoon.   Indeed we did and we spent most of the following week caught up in assorted activities.

On Sunday we all drove to Portland to look at various sites designated for the 2012 Olympics.  Sam’s holiday task is to make a themed model.  We take photos and a couple of days after, Sam settles with Nick to produce the goods.  It being very windy we climbed over the Chesil Bank to gaze at the sea.  Nick found an old fish-box which provided fun as an improvised sledge on the shingle.  Barney and the children flew his kite until the wind strength made it problematic.

After, we drove to a suitable vantage point on the Isle of Portland to gaze down at the Chesil Bank as it curves westward to Lyme Regis, before heading out to the Bill to gaze at yet more turbulent seas as they beat against the limestone platforms and cliffs there.

Joined by Claire on Monday there were further excursions to the Tank Museum and the Empire at Poole where we saw Johnny English Reborn – Tintin being outvoted by Rowan Atkinson’s hapless spook!

Overall the weather was grey and rather wet, with one or two brief sunny intervals.  Cue rainbows, seven of which Claire and Joel chased on Monday afternoon when they were out and about.  Indoors we baked and crafted, played Mastermind and read Lucy Micklethwait’s books over and over.  There was never a dull moment.

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