Smocked Frocks and Lulworth Rocks

As a tail-piece to the Hackneys’ hols, an unscheduled ride on a relay truck fetched them up in Winterborne K. A tired exhaust and an exhausted tyre contrived to ground them on the lane coming up out of Prussia Cove. Safely delivered to us they were able to hole up whilst the Calibra was fixed. Dan had an appointment in Liverpool which necessitated a 5 a.m. start on Friday and whilst I drove to Cholsey to collect Charlie, Ems and the girls spent the day at TOW with Nick. Charlotte drove Ted from school at the end of the afternoon, and arrived just ahead of Charlie, me and a consignment of F and C.

After supper on Friday the children played with bamboo staffs outside and created another Mouse Restaurant 🙂 They found my horde of scarves, hats, gloves and played winter-time. Lola and Ruby both tried on my vintage smocked frock, one of a pair made in Hong Kong for Christina and me. They were made in the 1950s, hand-stitched, for best. After a night-time tub and stories the children went to bed like lambs.

Nick had gathered some horse mushrooms from a stretch along the road to Poole. We ate these with a hearty cooked breakfast on Saturday before Emma set off for London. During the day Ted and Charlie played; they invented their games with an assortment of props: Playmobil figures, blankets, floppy woolly hats. They were golden. Charlotte worked pretty much all day and I pottered in between laundry, catering, and time at the computer screen.

On Sunday the wild weather subsided enough to take the boys to the coast. We drove to Lulworth and walked down to the cove and spent an hour on the shore, doing beachy things. We ate a late lunch of fish pie before Nick drove Charlie home and Charlotte and Ted took to the road a bit later on. It was a weekend well spent.


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