A Day in Cornwall

The Hackney contingent had a week booked at Prussia Cove at the end of the school holidays.  After a summer of very mixed weather things could have gone either way.  They drove down on a warm sunny Friday and arrived in time to have some good beach time.  Sadly the weather deteriorated ,and on the rainy Tuesday of their holiday week I drove down to Prussia Cove early in the morning, for a day and a sleep-over.

After a brunch cooked by Dan we piled into my car and drove forth, to Porthcurno for a spell and on to St Ives where we ate an early evening meal before returning to the cottage.  Despite the overcast windy, wet conditions Lola, Ruby and I enjoyed an encounter with the waves at Porthcurno.

The cove at Porthcurno is deeply embedded in my Cornish psyche.  The coarse sand is made up of crunched up shell and microscopic shells.  The water is crystal clear, even when it is tumbling the sand grains in the rollers that crash onto the beach.   After twenty minutes at the ever-morphing water margin I could so easily have stripped to my costume for a swim.  But to the leave the little girls behind would have been a betrayal.  We had fun!

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2 thoughts on “A Day in Cornwall

  1. Dear Granny

    We had lots of splashing fun and I liked seeing Ruby’s bottom.

    I liked when I fell into the water and got my dungarees wet.

    I liked seeing the sea glitter and glitter and glitter and I wanted to climb up the rocks.

    It was strange when the bath was in the kitchen and it would be fun if we were eating and daddy was in the bath.

    love Lola

    • Dearest Lola, I LOVE it that you have been looking at the pictures on my blog and enjoying them. It brings back happy memories doesn’t it? We will go to Porthcurno again and swim together in that crystal clear water. love Granny xxx

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