Durdle Door Misadventure

It was always the plan to make a morning excursion to Durdle Door, in order to have the best of our favoured cove before the hordes.  We also planned to cook bacon and sausages on stoves on the beach, for which I had bought two large Tiger loaves.  We packed everything up in bags, including coffee and sallied forth.

As on previous occasions it was windy on that clifftop car park but as we wound our way down to the steps which descend and then divide to right and left the wind abated and it was pleasingly sheltered down on the beach.  And relatively unpopulated.

It is fortunate that, at the last minute, I had decided to cook the sausages at home.  One stove had already been left in Oxfordshire and mine had been left at the Workshop in our haste to get to the shore.  Despite Dan’s proposition that we could round up some firewood, the thought of warm cooked sausages swathed in foil, newspaper layers and beach towels was too tempting for most of us.  After a quick bathe I set up my sandwich bar on the shingle and away we went.  Dan and Sam returned an hour later with a paltry offering of sticky timber, having walked the shore, round the headland and up the cliff to complete a circuit.   Supplemented with a tin of flapjack, appetites were assuaged.

The children played in and at the edge of the sea whilst we sat around our encampment, like the family group of primates that we are, observing.  Barns and Joel clambered out along the narrow ledge of rocks at the Door margin of the cove, to be joined by Dan and Sam.

We could see from the beach that the boys were to be offered the chance to jump into the water, which after a short interval of squaring up to the task, they achieved.  Barns was the last of the quartet to leap, but at the last minute he decided to do a shallow dive in, then at the last last minute decided to dive deeper under Dan who was bobbing in the water, to amuse his sons.  Unfortunately he caught his forehead, nose and upper lip on some jagged bedrock which cut him up a bit, and certainly presented me with a shocking blooded spectacle as he came back ashore.

We packed up quickly and drove back to Winterborne from where Nick, Barns and Lukie went to A & E in Dorchester.  Barns was stitched and patched up and his latest bulletin says that he is healing well.   He, Lukie and the children are currently on holiday in Norfolk and he hopes to go back into the sea very soon 🙂

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