Carefree Days

Half way through their Winterborne week Lola and Ruby were joined by Ted.  The three children played together harmoniously, exuberantly; Lola and Ted have a talent for imaginative and creative role play and games.  Ruby was happy to go with the flow.  In particular they created a Mouse Restaurant which was focused around the gravel garden with a large pottery snail bowl my sister made for me,  and the various shells scattered about.  They wrote menus for Mouse cake, Mouse spaghetti, Mouse sandwiches and a large notice was displayed in front with the legend No Cats!

On Friday we went to the beach beneath Sandsfoot Castle.  The beach is small, sandy and sheltered – everything to make childcare on the shore that much safer.  Lola took her first real bathe in the sea and obviously loved it.  Ruby and Ted frolicked around a bit too.   The children snacked on mini mini pizzas at the beach and ate pasta later at the house.  Then it was time for Ted to rejoin his mother at Portsmouth.  And for Lola and Ruby to go to bed with the promise of the arrival of their parents in the morning.

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