Barn’s Dance

If 60 is the new 40 I guess our eldest son hit the new 20 earlier this year.  I didn’t ask him how he felt about it but I certainly had a sense of a real milestone.  There is so much of the growing-up years of our children that seems to have whizzed past and is telescoped into a memory of everyday schooldays and holiday highlights.  Christmases seem to be particularly memorable, and once my brain gets in gear its starts dredging up lowlights too.  So enough of that, here’s a gallery of random, sometimes soft-focus images from a day in Oxfordshire.  Barns and Sanj threw a party with a Ceilidh.  A perfect format for all ages.

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One thought on “Barn’s Dance

  1. Love the photos of the kids dancing on the stage! Was a fabulous party and we had tantrums all the way home from the girls who did not want to leave 🙂

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