The Typing Pool

Lis and Charles Martin came to stay, en route to Cornwall.  The Martins and the Lights go back to our earliest days in Godalming.   We belonged to the same babysitting circle, whose currency was plain postcards worth an hour each.  We met regularly at supper parties and our children played together.  Charles and I share the same birthday, same year. Dan and Caroline were a happy pre-school duo, immortalised on the front steps of 88 when I photographed them one day wearing hats.  Dan’s was a black cowboy version, Caroline’s was shocking pink felt.

Lis and Charles stayed for a couple of nights and we spent one day out and about, taking in Lulworth and the Fleet.  In the evening we ate at The Bull near Sturminster Newton, venue for the forthcoming Winterborne Walkers’ lunch.  Their visit was a happy interlude.  The years have, it seems to us, changed us rather little, but one phenomenon rooted us firmly in the present.  Lis and Charles came with their laptops and, like Nick and I, periodically opened up to check their emails.  I learnt that Lis watches items on Ebay and trades from time to time, Charles follows American Baseball results.  Meanwhile Nick played Solitaire and I formatted photos.  He introduced them to Spotify……… Lis is now a fan.  We all found it amusing when we returned from our supper on Thursday evening, walked into the house and, to a ‘man’ turned on our laptops.  Glancing down from the balcony Nick observed that it looked like a typing pool!


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