Echoes in a Tranquil House

As the vehicles disappear down the drive, we go back into the house and then take ourselves off for a walk.

Maddy and Andrew have yet to see the farthest reaches of the estate.  Reaching the point where a kink in the Spey widens the river, and causes small eddies to form, we pass through the gate and follow the river bank along.  We pass through a tract of conifer forest, the floor of which is uncharacteristically soft and lushly green with long grasses and mossy mounds.  Passing a small cluster of houses we turn east and regain the road and walk back to Inshriach.  At the point where the house becomes visible through the trees we cut into the grounds and seek out the knoll and rounded ‘bowl’ which forms the core of The Insider festival which takes place in June.

Back at the house we take some time out in our rooms.  Surfacing from a light sleep, I hear voices outside and later Andrew tells us he heard children’s voices in the house.  After a simple supper cooked by Maddy, we watch a film then retire.

All packed up and ready to roll, Nick seeks out Lucy and Walter.  Goodbyes are lengthy and we eventually drag ourselves away.  Such a happy week, full of fun and good memories.

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