Bursting the Bubble

After a week of intermittent fun, frolic, filming and feasting it is time to break the Inshriach fellowship for another year.  Most of us will be dispersing on Sunday so we plan the Easter Egg Hunt for Saturday.  By happy coincidence, to complement the Lindt chocolate bunnies that I have bought for the children, Maddy and Andrew have gifted a large Thorntons rabbit.  We concoct a hunt which involves the children finding the named children bunnies which the mother rabbit has lost.  As it is raining the lost bunnies are hidden around the house, together with some small foil-wrapped eggs.  Once all are found we ceremoniously break the large mother rabbit and a chocolate fest ensues.

After a sustaining brunch before the young leave on their departure day, there is another ceremony:   ‘Balloon-Bursting’.  These balloons have seen good service as Zombie heads, characters in Dan’s cast for his movie short ‘The Rise of the Dead’.  Once Charlie and Ruby see what is afoot they are having none of it.  Their balloons are hastily taken back into the house for later despatch.

With much hugging and kisses our children and grandchildren say goodbye to each other, to us and to Lucy and Walter.  And then there were four.  Maddy, Andrew, Nick and I take ourselves out for a walk………

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