The Swing of your Life

Once a year Walter puts on a festival at Inshriach known as The Insider.  Perhaps it was during one of these events that a rather high swing came into being.  It is simple enough, consisting of a long rope with a loop at the end for the foot and some knots at hand height to grasp.  It is two-stranded and is suspended from branches on two very tall Silver Birch trees.  There is a launch-pad at the top of the steep slope from which you swing out into the blue, to the margin of your comfort zone, or possibly beyond!

Nick and Andrew gave it the strength test……… but not together!  During the course of the week, the children all had several goes.  Indeed there were requests daily to be taken to the swing, which activity was closely supervised.  It must have been an exhilarating feeling as you swung out with the ground falling steeply below.  One of our number took to it like a bird to flight, and looked just as graceful as she soared away, appearing, in one of my photos, to skip along hilltops.

Will it be there next year??

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