Round the Kitchen Table

With an Aga at its heart, the kitchen at Inshriach is where it’s at.  Much time is spent there, adults and children eating together daily.  But here scripts are written, props for Dan’s filming exploits are contrived (viz balloon Zombie heads), cookery from first principles is a collective activity.  We make bread, pizza, pasta and curries.  Nick and Dan conduct an omelette competition and fortunately voting results in a draw.  The children are keen to participate in food preparation and also the drying up.

Over a glass or two of wine there is discourse over a spectrum of topics around our immediate personal concerns and more global matters.  Periodically we must evacuate the kitchen and leave Dan with members of his cast to shoot a scene.  Filming seems to be going well.  Thanks to Sue Ryder various garments have been acquired, including items that can be worn by forgetful guests for the Saturday night dinner 😉 !!

From time to time the children ask to have a turn with my camera which results in shots with a particular slant.

On the evening that we eat the melt-in-the-mouth lasagne made by Lukie and Barns, the adults linger around the table and the children variously bath, read each other stories and make tracks for bed, whilst we enjoy some random dance music courtesy of Spotify.  Joel brings the house down when he gives us his own Travolta-style rendition of Saturday Night Fever.

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