Gnome Sweet Gnome

Four adults and five very excited children arrive at Inshriach just after one o’clock on Sunday.  We are the advance guard.  The weather is unbelievably warm, sunny, still.  Unloading the two cars takes little time and I set to and heat up some soup, toast which we eat outside on the verandah.  A jug of pink tulips and daffodils and a large bowl of fruit adorn the wooden table.  Lucy and Walter stop by to greet us.  Dan and Walter discuss props that will be needed for this year’s ‘swede’ and there is mention of a gig at Nethy Bridge later on.

Everyone is full of joie de vivre and adults are persuaded to join in a game of Forty Forty for which a garden gnome is pressed into service as ‘home’.  With a short break for tea and flapjack mid-afternoon, the rest of the time is spent cavorting around the garden.  There are so many places to hide and a mix of children and grown-ups is perfect to maintain momentum, fairness and good humour.

At 7 o’clock we all sit round the kitchen table to eat supper together.  Dan applies for a late pass to join Walter at Nethy Bridge. He’ll be back just after breakfast.  The children go to bed in relay and we hope they will sleep in a bit after all that running around – but I somehow doubt it…..

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