Garden Update

On the eve of our Scottish adventure, work to our frontage is completed by the landscape gardeners.  It only remains for the tarmac people to move in and lay a surface across the ramp between the road and our drive.  We are really pleased with the result, the brainchild of Nick who conveyed his ideas to Original Landscapes of Sturminster Newton.

The pleasingly curved wall round the garage which has created a proper bed to plant up is much admired by passing villagers.  Nick is delighted with the purpose-built brick and flint planter for his father’s Pieris.  This shrub has languished rather, in recent years, and we thought it was pot-bound in its wooden tub.  In the event the root ball was pronounced to be healthy and already, after only a couple of weeks in its new home, the Pieris is shooting vigorously.

I’ve given a fair bit of attention to the garden, emptying pots of plants imported from 88 and St V.  Some new plants have been bought, a frame for the sweet peas constructed.  With the short wave of very hot weather it was very tempting to plant out more than I should at this time of year but common sense prevailed.  Fortunately I can leave tomato, Morning Glory and ornamental grass seedlings to be watered by Rooney’s carers.  For now, gaps in the border have been filled with a mix of perennials overwintered in pots and recently taken rooted bits of 88 stock.

How will it all look in ten days’ time?

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