A Week in Winterborne

A week of mixed weather nevertheless allows for some spells in the garden.  Nick moves the compost heap and constructs a new bin, the vegetable garden is dug over and the soil sieved.  Alluvial deposits in our area mean that the soil is more than a little stony.  Some of the stones are used for drainage in the pots that are planted up.  Mauve, white and yellow pansies are potted and some of the perennials waiting in the wings can be planted out.  As the week progresses more splashes of colour appear as daffodils, hyacinths and Primula buds break.

On Saturday the Winterborne Walkers convene at the Village Hall.  We are going to do a circular walk which takes in Dancing Ledge, Seacombe, Winspit Bottom, Worth Matravers.  The day is very fine, not cold but fresh and the circuit is completed by 15 of us with no mishap, save a small tumble taken by one, landing in some very dense twiggy bushes on the steep seaward side of a cliff track.  Lucky the bushes were there.

The group lunches together in The Silent Woman, a pub on the outskirts of Wareham and we meet more fellow Winterborne K residents.  Nick learns something about a small Steam Railway running from Norden, Corfe Castle to Swanage.   He also finds himself a potential recruit to campanology.

On Sunday morning we get up and rustle around tidying up the Workshop.  Maddy and Andrew are bringing Lis to lunch.  This will be her first visit and she arrives bearing gifts, a fine bottle of red wine and is in good heart.  We celebrate the occasion with a glass of bubbles and whilst they chat around the kitchen table I bring the lunch together and serve it.  We chat on until it is time for their departure.  Cue time out for me to float on the warmth of my waterbed and finish my current read.

It’s the end of a productive week with things achieved in the wider picture of settlement at TOW.  A few more boxes have been unpacked, books stowed, photos, frames and albums tucked upstairs ready for the week I intend to set aside for overhaul and sorting.  This is one job that will need to be completed in one extended session, over several days,  using all available surfaces to lay everything out.

But there are still fundamental things that need attention.  We are off to St Vaast shortly and when we get back I need to address the matter of curtains and blinds, notably for the kitchen and my study.


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