Ted, the Chimpanzees and Four New Laid Eggs

Ted came to stay.  He was picked up from his mother’s office on Friday morning, and returned to same on Monday evening.  During the interlude Ted was a charming and very self-sufficient visitor at Winterborne.  He invented all sorts of games with the small play-houses with little figures which we have.  Listening to his accompanying dialogues was fascinating.  Whilst with us he retraced steps trodden by his cousins a week earlier: Monkey World had similar delights to deliver and something different too.  Ted was very taken with the Chimpanzees, particularly the ‘baby’ Bart who is able to wind up many of the adults in his vicinity.  They seem to demonstrate a mixture of aggravation and indulgence towards the minor.

On Sunday we went to lunch with Maddy and Andrew and Ted was allowed to collect the day’s eggs.  He saw the guinea pigs Willoughby and Wallace, the owl Jiminy and went for a walk with the Flossie the dog.  Boy and dog both carried a stick for most of the walk and Ted parted with his at the end when an opportunity for pooh-sticks presented itself.

On Monday we spent the morning in the garden.  Nick built a new frame for the compost heap and I put a few plants in the border.  We bought two spiral box topiaries from a passing landscape designer who was selling ‘surplus’.  After lunch we drove to Portsmouth where we took Ted to the top of the Spinnaker Tower.  After a bit of shopping we drove to Whiteley for the mother-son reunion.

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One thought on “Ted, the Chimpanzees and Four New Laid Eggs

  1. Lovely – and he had such a great time. He woke up on Tuesday morning and came into bed and said, ‘Mummy I had a really nice day at Grannies’ which I think means a great weekend, and he has shown EVERYONE his eggcup and monkeyweald map! Thanks for having him – he loved it

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