Cups Run Over

If you really want to have fun at an attraction like a Sealife Centre choose a day in February when the north wind doth blow and it is so grey it could rain any minute.  Barns and I braved the drive to Weymouth with four eager youngsters and clutching our half price vouchers for all.  I first went to the Weymouth Sealife Centre when Barney was probably not much older than Sam since when they have continued to add featured units and a small amusement park at the core.

There were very few visitors which meant we had good views of displays and tanks.  Best of all the children hardly had to queue for turns on the various rides on Adventure Island and Sam and Joel went round the Crocodile Creek water-splash four times in a row.

As the day expanded the weather improved and more visitors arrived.  But it was never busy and we left after four good hours of entertainment.

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