Simply Christmages

A pictures does for many words it’s said so here follows a slideshow, a chronological set of pictures which might give you the impression that Christmas was largely spent in the kitchen.  But that’s ok because I love our kitchen and its back is broad…..

We coasted into festivities with the arrival of Dan, Ems, Lola and Ruby.  By Boxing Day afternoon 29 sentient beings excluding Rooney were circulating around the ground floor of the Workshop which meant we could easily keep tabs on the children and vice versa. I’ve cooked up two vats: a venison casserole and a lamb curry.  My sisters have offered desserts.  There is a mountain of good food and the day passes convivially.  The children have a vigorous session in the garden after lunch then settle down in front of Toy Story 3.

With time trickling by and the necessity for some to leave in the late afternoon we squeeze in the communal cracker pulling event in the big hall followed by a frenzy of present unwrapping.  It all has to be fitted into a smaller time window than one would have wished but we manage.  There is fun and games before the children go to bed and once they are away Dan treats us to a screening of The Prophet – an unusual choice for festive viewing!

There is more kitchen action for me the following day.  The Hackneys get on the road early in the morning, northward bound, then a leg of lamb goes into the Aga before two contingents sally forth: one to the Tank Museum, the other to Weymouth Sands.  We eat our roast meal at the end of the afternoon.  The exodus starts the following day.

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