A Naked Post

I’ve been rattling around at WK in the lead-up to a journey north to Oxfordshire and Surrey.  Nick is ensconced in St V,  having thought it prudent to make a trip across the Channel, in order to jolly along all the various parties involved in the remedial work in respect of our infestation of champignons.

The house is a bit bleak in these grey, damp autumn days, with the normally light and airy ground-floor salon-sejour shuttered and emptied of all but the larger items of furniture.  How fortunate the timing was then; a procession of agents, experts and the builder have darkened the door yet further, calling to verify the work needed, to assess the extent of demolition required, and to generally ‘measure up’.

Fortunately there are garden tasks to complete and I hear that he has given the terrace a complete overhaul and tidy up.  This means he has pulled out every last one of the little plants that had secreted themselves optimistically in crevices.  Tant pis.  Nature fights back……

Meanwhile back at the English ranch I haul out yet more boxes to unpack.  A mix of china, glass and books have come to light.

Then on Thursday I drive to Weymouth (a joyful 35 minute run), to pick up Mum for the day.  We call in at Galton’s nursery to buy some greetings cards, a couple of clothing items for Nick, some yummy cut-price cakes for the freezer, some pansies for the old bread crock, which Mum remembers from her childhood when she lived at Cowplain near Portsmouth.  So she plants this up for me whilst I get her lunch.

After lunch there is a wonderful excuse to sit on the sofa and drift, only to be roused by the phone.  Mum naps on.  Later in the afternoon we peel, then freeze or stew apples won by Nick for being a good neighbour, and halve our French grapes to freeze.  I’ve been using them in creamy chicken and sweet corn dishes.  They will also be good with fish.

On Friday, with the weekend almost upon us, I pick up my rail ticket from Wool, deliver Rooney to the cattery at Milborne St. Andrew, pick up bread from our delightful Winterborne Bakery (Blue Vinny bread a speciality), await arrival of various online purchases, and Rollo, with some curtains she thinks may work in the big room.  They will indeed buy me time until I get a chance to leaf through all my ‘World of Interiors’ to find the perfect fabric.

The short session in the garden sees some foxgloves and geraniums bedded, then I remember I must go onto the Panasonic website to see if I can progress the repair of my Lumix digital camera, which got dropped at the Tank Museum.  Which is why this post is naked… 😦


One thought on “A Naked Post

  1. lovely to be so close to granny, she must love coming to you for lazy afternoons and it is nice to know she and you can have easy time together … also blue vinney bread sounds special!!!

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