Out of the Box – then Thinking….

Day 5 in the ‘Big’ Dorset House finds me in my virtual diary room compiling a short (for me!) post.  We’ve been unpacking boxes and boxes and our approaches are different but symbiotic.  I’m taking the boxes as I open them, like so many fences to jump.  Nick peers inside boxes and decides if immediate unpacking is appropriate or whether the low priority contents should be removed to the garage for temporary storage.  Harmony is maintained 🙂

Since we moved in we have had visitors every day and two supper evenings: Stuart and Angela came on Monday night bearing a cornucopia of allotment produce, a posy of late summer flowers from the garden, a Dorset apple cake and profiteroles for pud.  Maddy and Andrew, who welcomed us to Dorset last Thursday evening by treating us to the Lobster Evening at Le Petit Canard, came yesterday evening bearing an apple crumble.  Rollo gave us a Dorset apple cake, my sister brought a bottle basket, a stilton and walnut quiche and peanut cookies.  Katie brought her 3 boys on Sunday with a miniature moth orchid.  Thank you everyone.

And now back to the box mountain…….

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