By Special Request……

….. pictures of an almost very nearly empty house.

I’m Dorset-bound today.  I’ve a lunch date with my mother in our village pub at which Nick will join us, hot-foot from the Channel ferry.  A day before contract completion we can do no more than drive past our new house, but it won’t be long before we can begin to colonise it.

But I’m making an early morning detour because Dan has asked that I photograph a house in waiting.  So this slide-show is a tour from the bottom of the front steps up to the top of the garden, by way of the house, glancing into each room and stopping to take in the views from some of the windows.  Very soon now the house will be claimed by its new owners.

After lunch Nick drives across to Maiden Newton and Mum and I drive over to the coast, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door.  We park briefly on the cliff top there and I walk down to investigate a pathway that takes one down to the shore.  Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic coast and I imagine young legs scrambling down to explore the beach, then back again as a prelude to Sunday lunch in our new dining hall.

The last mile of the drive back to Mum’s home takes us along Weymouth sea front.  The tide is receding and the sun glints on the watery surface of the sands.  Forty five years ago a young articled clerk and his teenage girl friend were photographed teetering on the platform of a big red public weighing machine.  These machines were a common feature of seaside proms.  Our combined weight then was 20 stone.  Sadly these machines are no more – and we’ve gained a pound or two – but in other respects Weymouth Esplanade is unchanged.  You can walk the prom and take your ease at regular intervals in the shelters with seating which faces all four aspects.  The Jubilee Clock ticks on.

Down on the sands a couple of some vintage wander across the sands towards the Pavilion end of the bay, barefoot, trouser legs rolled, shoes dangling from the hand.  Could be us.  That’ll do nicely.

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