Time to Flee the Nest and make Another

On Sunday the Perrymans have a good bye BBQ.  They are masters of the art and it is impossible not to over-indulge – just this once I tell myself 😉  Charlotte and Ted work up an appetite with some horse play.  Mark and Emma bring their new daughter Mae, a real cutie who sleeps through the whole noisy proceedings.  The evening finds Charlotte, Ted and I slumped in front of the Lego movie:  The Adventures of Clutch Powers.  I’m not sure why, but I find the name chosen for the ‘Harrison Ford’ Lego leading man mildly amusing!  I am going to be living out of a suitcase during the forthcoming week variously based at Sunbury, Gillingham, Maiden Newton.

By Tuesday evening we are finally out.  All our things are in limbo.  ‘Two Fat Ladies’ have had the full spa treatment and a very thorough shampoo and set 🙂  At the end of the afternoon I drive back to Sunbury in time for the locksmith, Ryan arrives shortly after.  Charlotte is on Guernsey overnight.  On Wednesday Matthew’s crew will tip up chez Perryman to begin their pack-up.

As I have walked around the old homestead, the roof over our heads these past 30 years and more, I have enjoyed entering the large freshly laundered empty rooms.  Each has its own character, driven largely by the colour schemes chosen some 12 years ago.  Several of them still have their original fireplaces – solid fuel fires are a labour of love but worth it.  It was Charlotte who guided me around a varied and quirky colour palette and helped me choose very different schemes for each room, and she could hardly have imagined at that time that she would later become the beneficiary of her decor advice.   Fashions change – it now seems likely that much of the house will end up being painted white.

It could all be a very emotional moment for me, leaving the setting of so much Light family history.  Luckily though, it is not good-bye, but au revoir.   And au revoir very soon, like next week when I will drive back up to ‘Two Fat Ladies’ for Book Group.

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2 thoughts on “Time to Flee the Nest and make Another

  1. Epic stuff. It was a great house to grow up in, and a happy home. We were very fortunate. Glad it’s staying in the family. Any pics of the place while it’s empty?

    • D’you know, as I drove away yesterday I thought that I should have done that. So I’ll get up early tomorrow and do it before I drive to Dorset to pick up Mum to show her the exterior of TOW and give her lunch at the Greyhound with Liz.

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