A Real Estate Roller-Coaster

There have been times this summer when we wondered whether it would ever come together.  But it has and today the packers have moved in.  I think being a removals’ man must be quite a lot of fun.  You certainly get to laugh a lot…..

I got back from France yesterday, having spent three days with Marian and David at the end of their holiday and with the Hackneys at the beginning of theirs in St V.  After so many uncertainties over the habitability of our house in France (owing to the fact that we have had an invasion of ‘champignons’ which necessitates, in turn, some pretty disruptive investigative, remedial and restorative measures) we find ourselves at the end of August with the work unstarted.  So family holidays could still be squeezed in.

Nick has remained in St V, ostensibly to catsit, so the little (big!) darlin’ won’t be too ruffled by the dismantling of one of his ‘pads’.  Any case he is not allowed to shed his catness in his English establishment any longer because the new owner is allergic.  The fact that Nick is much better off out of it is a minor consideration.

I have anticipated the arrival of Matt and his gang with a mixture of excitement and anxiety.  But it is ok.  One life is being wound down in readiness for a new one in Dorset.  All the same, right now, I’d much rather be frolicking in the waves with Lola and Ruby….

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One thought on “A Real Estate Roller-Coaster

  1. Great pics and nice to have them as a slide show. Thanks so much for a wonderful holiday – as the girls get older, it justs gets better and better as they start to really enjoy the beaches and French living.

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