Cycling back from la Boulangerie on my ancient bicycle with 4 baguettes sticking out of the basket and the sound of seagulls (I love their mewing) I know for certain that I am holiday.  The Cholsey gang are back at the house on the uphill climb to a state of preparedness for a day at the beach!  We had a great first full day yesterday with a late afternoon trip to a local beach where, on a rising tide, we went for a swim.  Sam, Joel and Amelie are now working their way up through swimming lessons and were all game for a dip.

For some reason, when we have had a good swim in our north Atlantic waters, we all say that it was lovely, the water was really warm.  Well, some of us bravehearts do 🙂  Actually the sea in the English Channel, and all round the British Isles is shockingly cold when you first immerse.  As I wade out I always think, this is going to be the one time when I never actually ‘warm up’ and enjoy the sea.  But in very few minutes, with one’s circulation working over-overtime, a great sense of therapeutic well-being overtakes and the wavelets work their magic.  The children bob up and down, test out their strokes, and Joel speaks for us all when he says “The Sea Rocks

So they’ve all gone to another beach today to chase the tide down and I’m enjoying another well-being moment which is roasting a large, free-range chicken from our neighbour.  Sam and Amelie came with me to order it and were introduced to her ‘peep’ of chickens.  (This is the official collective noun, apparently..)  And were allowed to hold a particularly docile young hen.

I’ve now got about 4 hours before the peep of Cholseys reappears so better get on…….


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