Removals in View

In one sense our lives have been in limbo these recent weeks.  Whilst we wait for the purchase of a new house and the sale of our existing one to come to fruition in England, it has been an opportunity to have a good sort out indoors and outside in readiness for removal.

In France much of the work we put in during the spring months could so easily have come to nought, had not my dear neighbour Anne, even with a large garden of her own to tend, given time to watering, watering, watering during the persistent dry weather.  She had the modest bonus of a small amount of produce to harvest from our garden, and even then she gave us a pot of strawberry jam from our own crop.

The Echium has finally risen to the occasion and stands, a giant amongst its lesser companions.  Our young peach tree has shown us that our eleventh hour rescue efforts have borne fruit.  It took a neighbour to point out that the reason we were getting leaf-wilting and no peaches was the tightness of ‘la ligature’ which was holding the tree to its stake.  Looking around the French garden I feel there are some fortuitous couplings and triplings of plants which have sometimes been sited because there was a vacancy.  But I also think that some botanical removals are going to be required.  The prospect of a new garden to populate in England will offer the chance to rethink planting schemes on both sides of the Channel.

Meanwhile we must be patient, so here is a gallery for the delectation of my Gardening Guru!


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